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Virginia Farmland Leasing Guide for Private Landowners A - Z

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  Since I have received a noticeable increase in calls and emails in 2015 from landowners asking me if I could help them find farmers to either keep their land qualifying for the land use program, or to farm to produce some income, I decided to put this list together to help landowners remember and realize what could be involved. It’s not always easy to find a farmer on short notice, but there is almost always enough time to get someone matched up.
 I have lived in Loudoun county Virginia for 40 years and know several farmers in this area. I usually know what type of land those farmers are looking for, but I prefer to go over the landowners plans and wishes for their land first. Many landowners don’t know how many topics they need to go over before starting their search for someone to farm and care for their land.
 I put together this list of trigger words I’ll go over when I meet with landowners. This list is not 100% complete. Many owners are surprised at the amount of topics they should consider before deciding to put their land up for lease. I go through and explain why each of these topics could matter. Not everything on this list will apply. It’s case by case, farm by farm evaluations.
A- Animals, Acreage, Access, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Agritopia
B- Boilerplate, Butchering, Burying, Bees, Bush hogging, Barns, Burning, Birds, Bats, Butterflies
C- Conservation, Clearing, CSA, Creeks, Cold crops, Carcasses, Co-insured
D- Description, Default, Disputes, Drainage, Drain fields, Dust, Deer
E- Entry, EPA, Environment, Easements, Exterminators, Endangered, Eggs
F- Fire, Fencing, Forestry, Fuel, Fertilizer, Fruits, Farm stand, Fungus, Fishing, Firewood
G- Ground lease, Greenhouse, Grasses, Generators
H- Housing, Husbandry, Hunting, Hazardous, Hay, Harvest, Hops, Hybrids, Horses
I- Insurance, Indemnification, Invasive, Irrigation
J- Joint tenancy, Joint ventures
K- Killing, Kill permits
L- Legal, Land use, Liability, Liens, Livestock, Limits, Lime, Lyme
M- Monitoring, Maintenance, Materials, Mushrooms, Manure, Migration
N- No partnership, Neighbors, Noise, Natives
O- Open space, options, Odors, Oil
P- Preservation, Permitted, Prohibited, Pesticides, Pasturing, Plowing, Ponds, Pollinators, Pollution, Pick your own
Q- Qualifications, Quarantine, Quail
R- Rent, Renewal, Return of land to condition, Review, Right of Ways, Riparian, Reservations, Recording, Right to Farm Act, Rotation
S- Statute of frauds, Shares, Sale, Specifics, Slopes, Stewardship, Structures, Subordinate
T- Taxes, Transfer, Termination, Trees, Tort, Tenant, Timber, Topography, Trapping, Turtles, Term, Terms
U- Utilities, Uses, Unharvested
V- Vegetables, Vehicles, Vision, Veterinarian, Vernal
W- Working lands, Water, Wildlife, Wetlands, Wells, Waterways, Weeds, Windmills
X- Xrays
Y- Yield, Yew
Z- Zoning
Well, that’s my partial list. Every landowner should go through this list and mark all that could apply to their land. Some topics can be explained by an attorney. When is comes time to draw up a lease, an attorney can and should be consulted.
 If you need assistance with farm or farmland leasing, or any other type of Virginia real estate, please contact me.
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I like your take on those trigger letters Jeff, If you have lived in Loudoun County Virginia you must know Lenn Harley ? If you happen to run into her please let her know she is missed in the RAIN. 

Posted by ba`B Ratliff, "Sold with Bob" (Robert Ratliff Realty) about 5 years ago

#1- Hi Bob, Yes, I was talking with Lenn by email just 2-3 weeks ago. I'll tell her when I see her.

Posted by Jeff Pearl, Full Service Full Time Realtor (RE/MAX Distinctive / LIC in VA) about 5 years ago