Jeff Pearl Homes AR Blog: Arlington County VA Homeowners Target of Real Estate Scam

Arlington County VA Homeowners Target of Real Estate Scam

Once again the scammers are out trying to bs the public for their own financial gain. This time it's Arlington County VA that is being targeted with false claims that homeowners are behind on their real estate taxes and are in danger of losing their home. Of course the scammers are standing by and ready to buy you out before you lose everything. Wouldn't you rather sell your house in 7 days for 65% of fair market value instead of seeing it auctioned off on the courthouse steps? You won't even have to pay a real estate commission or do any repairs because scammers will buy your house " as is". Wow, this is great! I always wanted to sell my $700,000.00 home for $455,000.00 just so I won't have to clean it up to sell or pay a $42,000.00 real estate commission.  Jethro, can you come in here and do some siphering? Let's see, 7 naught, naught, naught, naught, naught. naught naught, take away 65%, comes to $455, naught, naught, naught.oo Uncled Jed. Well how much do we get boy if we have to pay one of them there real estate agents a 6% commission? Well, that comes to 7 and 5 naughts - $42 and 3 naughts which equals $658, naught, naught, naught.00 Uncle Jed, $658,000.00 take away $455,000.00 = $203,000.00 more you'll get to keep by hiring one of them real estate agents. Well doggie, that will make some nice walking around money. Boy, I'll have to give you a raise in your 50 cent a week allowance. Bring the truck around boy, we need to go talk to Mr. Drysdale and make sure he has room in his bank. Then we need to find one of those real estate agents if we're going to sell. That 6th grade education is really paying off! To be serious, never make quick decisions when doing anything that involves real estate. Stay calm, check with your county if you're not sure whether or not you owe back taxes. never contact  the scammers. Make a copy of the mailing to share with county officials and police if need be. Keep original for yourself and your attorney if it gets to that point.

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