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Fast Search Source of Photos for Blogs

I wanted to do a little more research on this before I included it on my recent blog about " 20 Sources of Free Photos and More for Bloggers".

This source is a very fast way to locate a photo for your blog, but care must be taken when using this source. After I went through the process a few times, it became clearer, and I think this is a great site to use for grabbing photos for blogs.

 For this blog, I just did a search for " Barns". Several varieties and choices of barns came up. I picked this one, then I just held my cursor over  " Preview" tab to enlarge it some. This one looked good. Next I selected " Get Photo". This brings up a screen where you can select what size photo you want to download. I chose " Large 1024 X 768". I had a choice of eight different sizes, but Large works for this blog. Step #2 is " Grab HTML for Attribution". Don't forget to do Step #2. Copy the code they provide, then paste it at the bottom of your blog. See it at bottom on this blog.

 By the way, once the photo is downloaded, I usually just copy and paste it on my desktop. Then I rename it to make it easier to find before uploading it to AR.

 Another thing to remember, when the results come in, the top two rows of photos are labled  "Sponsored". Don't use any of those. Those will take you to Shutterstock where you will have to follow their policies. So just skip over the first two rows and don't use them.

 The photos look like pretty good quality. It can be hard to decide which one to use!

Here is one other tip that might help. I logged into AR first with Firefox. I was having trouble pasting the HTML code at bottom of this blog. So I then logged in with IE and had same problem. Next I tried Chrome, and you guessed it, still couldn't paste the code into AR blog. My solution was to open AR in one window, then open Photopin in a seperate window. I then hit " Select all" to highlight the HTML code, then I dragged it across to this AR blog and that worked. You'll have to play around with that and test it on your own computer. This morning I tried again, and pasting worked using Firefox, and the HTML gave me this link (photo credit: Great barn via photopin (license) you also see below. Ok, if you haven't already heard about this one, and have been wondering what this site is, I just mentioned it above. It's called Photopin.



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photo credit: Great barn via photopin (license)




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Fast Search Source of Photos for Blogs
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