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I Climb Mountains to Sell Real Estate

 Yesterday, I left Loudoun county at 1:30 to meet a potential buyer in Madison county VA. We met at Sheetz on 29 just North of Ruckersville. From there he followed me to some mountian land I have listed in Greene county. We arrived about 25 minutes later, parked. As timing would have it, a neighbor stops and asked if we we're lost. Buyer- no, we're going to look at this land. I kept my mouth shut. The neighbor immediately started telling buyer that the land was no good, wouldn't perc, and that he could never build on it. Then she went on to tell him how the cabin on corner had a bad septic, and that when they dug some trench they must have dug through the septic lines, and that all the neighbors could smell it every time it rained, etc, etc. She also described how when they cut some timber from the property 5-6 years ago, they left a bunch of limbs, etc and it was a mess. She didn't know it was done with permit and under supervision of the Virginia State Forestry Dept. Neighbor also through in how it was bear haven, and they had seen at least 30 black bears. Yes, that area is loaded with black bears, and I have seen several there over the years, but 30 is an exaggeration. They stock South River twice a year just down the mountain from this land. Neighbor had no idea who I was, and what I knew about the property, and I wasn't about to say anything.

 Anyway, buyer was looking for hunting land, with idea that he might build a cabin on it sometime in the future. From the road where we parked, it's approx 1500-1700' ( aka 5-6 football fields) uphill to the State Park land, which is roughly 60,000 acres. Buyer still wanted to see it. I lead the way up starting from lot 48. The hill is anywhere from 20- 45 degrees in most places, thick with briars, shrubs, timber, and rock. In some places there are drop offs down 20-40'. Buyer stuck with me as I stopped about 1/3 way up 48. We could kinda see out over 49 + 50, but not well. We continued up 48 to halfway point, then began cutting across towards lot 50. There were places we had to crawl, duck, go around rock and thickets, but we made it. Then we proceeded up 50 to Shenandoah National Park so I could show him corner markers. It was so thick and overgrown, they were hard to find. Then we went along top of 50 towards 48, and began heading down. It was about 1 hour hike so far. Heading down mountain it began to drizzle which made rocks slippery. I fell 3 times. Again we had to duck and crawl through tunnels in the overgrowth that were obviously used by bears and deer. We stopped numerous times to get unstuck from briar patches, clear spider webs from our faces, and to try to determine the best path to take. When we finally made it back down to our trucks, it was 7:00. He had a 1.5 hour ride home to Lexington, and I had a 2+ hour ride home to Lovettsville. It was 9:30 when I walked in door. I was covered with scratches from briars and still had spider webs in my hair.

 And guess what, I have another appointment with another buyer first Saturday in October to do that all over again.

 That is just one example of what I do to sell land. If you have land to sell, just give me a call. I can evaluate and help you determine the best way to market and sell. That might be subdividing, managing timber / clearing, working with soil scientist and healt dept to find best drain field sites, etc, etc.

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Yesterday, I left Loudoun county at 1:30 to meet a potential buyer in Madison county VA. We met at Sheetz on 29 just North of Ruckersville. From there he followed me to some mountian land I have listed in Greene county. We arrived about 25 minutes… more
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